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Merry medi hand christmas

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During this time our hands are taking a lot more strain than usual by being exposed to harsh chemicals and alcohol. “Alcohol is known to dehydrate the skin, depriving it of the moisture and nutrients it needs to keep our complexion looking radiant, supple and youthful.

Restore your skin and nails with Elim MediHand. The Ultra Rich restores moisture to dry skin. Infused with Vitamins, Oat Proteins and Hibiscus extracts to brighten and soothe your hands. Stronger nails and more youthful hands.

* Ultra Rich Hand Therapy
* Nail Hardener
* Cuticle MD
* FREE Gold Spritz

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* Complimentary :

1 x 100 ml Gold Spritz

We all deserve a treat this time of the year, whether it is treating yourself or one of your loved ones.

Here is your Christmas spoil –

You will receive:

1 x 150 ml Foot Perfector

1 x 10 ml Cuticle MD

1 x 200 ml Shower Oil


1 x 100 ml Gold Spritz

R665.00 Inc Vat

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MediHeel AHA Foot Exfoliator

The combination of Glycolic & Lactic Acids that peels & exfoliates with natural Jojoba Oil Beads and Cellulose. The formula is packed with hydration actives, leaving feet and lower legs soft and smooth in appearance

MediHeel Callus Softening Kit

The ultimate callus Softening kit

MediHeel Foot Perfector

With its unique Moisture Lock system the Foot Perfector contains a range of Vitamins and Oils to nourish and protect the feet. Shea butter, Urea and Honey was added for super hydration while Collagen plumps up fine wrinkles on the feet and improves the general appearance of the feet

MediHeel Gold Spritz

A burst of gold shimmer with a fine fragrance. The perfect finish to your treatment or a daily indulgence to leave the skin with a burst of gold. Gives radiance to the legs, arms, body and hair

Medi-Pedi in a Box

The MediHeel Medi-Pedi in a Box is packed full of products that are specifically designed for those feet emergency moments! Get a spa quality pedicure in the comfort of your own home

MediHeel Spa Additive

With Tea Tree, Niaouli and Rosemary Oil this anti-fungal foot soak was designed to specifically target bacterial causing foot odour. This super additive not only cleanses the feet and nails but is a natural antiseptic that fights fungal and bacterial infections of the skin and feet.

Elim Fungal Force

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Elim #NakedNails

Giving your nails a break? Prefer not to wear varnish? Whatever your reason, the #nakednails bag is the perfect foodfor healthy, natural but bare nails

Age Reversal Hand Cream

Ideal for hands impacted by Liver spots, pigmentation & UV light skin damage, plus sun exposure

Cuticle MD

The Elim Cuticle MD is an anti-bacterial cuticle rescue with a blend of 10 Oils to keep the cuticles in peek condition. The heart of the formulation is Coconut Oil, which is also a natural SPF for the Nail and Cuticle and protects against bacteria and fungi

Elim Cuticle Remover

PH balanced formula helps break down excess cuticles.

Dark Spot Serum (80 ml)

The Elim MediHand Age Reversal Hand Cream is an intensive anti-ageing formula specifically aimed at age reversal and eliminating dark spots on the hands. It also promotes the natural repairing mechanism of the skin

Elim Express Dry

Express Dry / Top Coat: protects your nail polish while speeding up the drying process

Elim Fungal Force

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Hydro-Thermal Exfoliant

A PH balancing daily exfoliant to remove dull, dead skin cells. The unique Thermal agent with heating actives will enhance penetration of minerals and anti-ageing actives. Leaves hands radiant and polished. Also contains Sweet Almond Oil, Chamomile, natural Olive Oil and Beeswax that acts as a multi-active skin conditioner

Illuminating Nail Cleanser

Do you suffer from discoloured nails? The MediHand Illuminating Nail Cleanser is a nail whitener that brightens your nails for a natural french manicured look. It is aimed at achieving younger looking hands and nails through a new modern approach

Elim Nail Hardener

Nail Hardener: scientifically formulated to strengthen the nails keratin structure.

Elim Sanitizer Combo 250ml x 2

Elim Spa Sanitizer is a super virucidal and disinfectant. Ideal for use on hands, feet, implements, pedicure bowls, nail stations or any area that needs sanitizing

Elim Sanitizer

Elim Spa Sanitizer is a super virucidal and disinfectant. Ideal for use on hands, feet, implements, pedicure bowls, nail stations or any area that needs sanitizing

Ultra Rich Hand Therapy

The Ultra Rich hydrating treatment restores moisture to dry skin for up to 12 hours. Infused with Vitamins, Oat Proteins and Hibiscus extracts to brighten and soothe your hands. Helps fight signs of ageing on the hands

Elim #NakedNails

Giving your nails a break? Prefer not to wear varnish? Whatever your reason,
the #nakednails bag is the perfect food for healthy, natural but bare nails


Argan Body Gloss

Anti-oxidant Vitamin E protects the skin against free radicals while nutritional Argan oil increases elasticity and fights skin allergies. Contains Calendula, Rose, Arnica and Vitamin A oils. This product is safe to use on your face and body. The Argan Body Gloss is a fast absorbing dry oil spray for instant hydration. (100ml)

Restorative Body Cream

Your Restorative Body Cream will protect the skin from environmental pollution while plant extracts and biominerals will firm the skin. It is an excellent moisturizer and contains S powerful anti-inflammatory action(200ml)

Pregnancy Kit

The Elim BodyScience Pregnancy
Survival Kit is your go-to for all your
pregnancy beauty care needs.
Containing 4 essential soap-free
products, this kit will have you feeling
beautiful and leave your skin well hydrated. Elim offers you a perfect solution to
prevent stretch marks. Use this four
step program from the first trimester
in your pregnancy
The Elim Restorative Cream and Dry
Oil can also be used daily just for
nourishment of dry and
undernourished skin. Exfoliate weekly
and use your Shower Oil daily.

Exfoliating Body Polish

A natural nutrient-rich exfoliating polish leaving the skin invigorated and luminous. We have added a bit of shimmer, for that luxurious glamorous look. Will gently remove all the dead skin cells, while leaving a rich smooth sensation. Contains a blend of natural oils to hydrate the skin (200ml)


Shower Oil: Grass & Morning Mist

Awaken your senses with the nostalgia of freshly cut grass. Enter your day with a positive memory of playfulness. A nutrient rich blend of Vit E, Coconut, Sweet Almond & Grape Seed Oils (200ml)

Shower Oil: Pure & Power

An Extravagant Fine French Scent adds to the experience.  Encapsulate and protect your skin's natural acid mantle. Exchange the harshness of soap for a nutrient rich blend of Vit E, Coconut, Sweet Almond & Grape Seed Oils. All products are responsibly sourced and Vegan. Massage your body under running water with the Deep Penetrating Elim Shower Oil, rinse with water and dry.

Shower Oil: Coco & Earth Vanille

A secretive scent of Coco Butter and
Earth Vanille. Encapsulate and protect your skin's natural acid mantle. Massage your body under running water with the Deep Penetrating Elim Shower Oil, rinse
with water and dry (200ml)

Yoga Spritz: Empower

An organic blend of Ginger,
Bergamot, Grapefruit, Naartjie
and Sweet Orange Oils. (50 ml)

Yoga Spritz: Relaxer

An organic blend of Lavender,
Geranium, Grapefruit &
Cardamon Oils (50ml)

Yoga Spritz: Breathe

An organic blend of Menthol,
Lemon and Citrus Oils. The Oils
are suspended in an active
colloidal silver water base,
making it the perfect health
booster to use during exercise (50ml)

Yoga Spritz Gift Box

The range caters for deep breathing, a heightened sensorial experience and deep relaxation. Simply spritz the Elim YogaSpritz with added Colloidal Silver on your hands, rub, cup the palms and inhale deeply. The Elim YogaSpritz can also be spritzed on the body, yoga mat and your immediate surroundings. Use when needed. (4 units of 50ml each)

Shower Oil Gift Box

A Soap Free Alternative is your passage to a glowing, healthy skin. Available in 3 premium scents, the Elim Shower Oil offers a rich luxurious shower experience. Instead of stripping the skin, you will nourish, feed and protect the deeper layers of your skin, slowing down the ageing process (3 units of 200ml each)

Stress Relief Massage Oil

Elim Stress Relief Massage Oil is infused with pure Rose Geranium Oil and YlangYlang, creating a deeply relaxing synergy. Only selected essential oils are used for their sedative properties. The Oil contains Vit E to lock in moisture and Coconut Oil, a natural antibacterial, antifungal and skin moisturizer (250ml)